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“ I can’t praise Bruce’s drum teaching highly enough. Each of his lessons with my 8-year-old son has been perfectly judged, with just the right mix of encouragement, support and challenge. Bruce has gone out of his way to engage with my son’s interests, helping him rapidly develop confidence, technical ability - and a real love of drumming.”  – GRAHAM

“ Bruce teaches in a friendly and relaxed way which makes drumming enjoyable and something I like to learn. I have gone from never playing to achieving my grade 3 award. Bruce is a great drumming teacher as he has the experience and knowledge to develop anyone's drumming ability.”

LIBBY  (age 16)

“ As a 40 year old guy with no previous drum experience, I was just as apprehensive as excited at beginning drum lessons. A year on, and Bruce has taught me so much...he is always passionate about drumming, always listens to what I want to get out of each lesson, and pushes the bar every time so I continually improve. Thank you Bruce for turning me into a drummer.” – ROSS


Here's some tracks demonstrating just a few of the of styles I've played

Blind Willie



D Tuned

Album: Heading Out to Sea

Turpin Hubbard Band

Album: Dog House Bass


Album: Sandcastles,
Makers & Breakers

High Brazil


Over the years I have had the privilege to drum with some incredible musicians and wonderful people, here are a few of those I collaborate with more closely, and a few of their kind words.

Contact me

If you're interested in drumming lessons, online or studio session work then

drop me an email. Or if you can't wait then call me! My lessons are given from my home address in Hythe, Kent, although if you would prefer lessons on your own kit at home, that's not a problem. If you are looking for studio session work drop me a line and we can work out the details.

07828 642319

Drum lessons
for all ages & abilities

I’m passionate about sharing and communicating drumming skills to others so if you want to learn I’d love to teach you. You may be a complete beginner or want to build on what you know already. People learn in different ways which is why my approach will be tailored to suit your learning style and interests. It will be about what you want to achieve and lessons are designed to inspire you. I teach at my home address in Hythe, Kent using a Roland TD12 electronic kit with acoustic electric cymbals for greater feel. This is a great piece of equipment which enables us to record performances and use backing tracks easily.

Lesson rates

30, 45 or 60 minute lessons are available at
£14, £19 & £24 respectively.


Drum lesson starter pack - £60

A great way to get started or a perfect gift idea. Includes:

1 hour intro lesson

2 x 45 minute lessons

A pair of drum sticks for you to keep!

Online & studio
session work

Hand drumming & drum
kit lessons for schools

If you write or produce your own music I can provide bespoke drum kit and percussion tracks for you. I’ll be happy to discuss your project, what ideas you have of any drum recordings or styles you like the sound of. You might like to build on something you already have. If you’re not sure, no worries, I’ll have ideas we can discuss and I can send you a demo. If you’d like to know more about this and the equipment I use just ask. I’m also available for studio work.

For drum kit players I can offer the opportunity to learn using the Trinity Syllabus and work towards graded exams. I'm also happy to help you explore your own drumming and musical interests and can teach Djembe drum and Cajon playing.


For more information & prices on either of these services contact me

I have gigged and recorded with Bruce for over 15 years, during which time I have recommended him to many other people as an excellent imaginative drummer with an exceptionally intuitive ear. He has my full endorsement

Colin Gibson,

bass player & composer

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bruce in the studio on several occasions. He’s a wonderful musician, gets great sounds quickly and always plays for the song - as well as being a great guy to hang out with. Book him!

Mike Thorne

Rimshot Productions

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About me

I’ve been playing acoustic and electronic drum kits as well as hand drums for over 20 years. I’ve played in many different bands of varying styles including Funk, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Ska and Highlife. I've toured Europe and recorded many albums with artists along the way. Now living in Hythe, Kent, I am resident drummer with The Turpin Hubbard Band (blues), Mampama (highlife) and Gumboots Reggae Band. I am very passionate about all styles of music and drumming. Not many of us will play at Glastonbury, Ronnie Scott’s or the O2 - although there’s time yet! For me real world drumming is about being inspired, working with other musicians, learning and contributing to pieces of music and making recordings that you’re proud of. It’s also about feeling the music, playing the gig and being left with a smile on your face because not only have you enjoyed yourself, many others have too. In short I play drums because there’s no other feeling like it.

Kent and Sussex Drummer

Either on the full drum kit or percussion
Bruce Allen is a highly talented musician

Roger Hubbard

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Throughout many years of playing, jamming and working with Bruce I have always found him to be a solid reliable person. Coming from a perfectionist background myself I have always found Bruce to show the same commitment in wanting to get the best outcome from any given situation however big or small. It is these values that make him so in demand.

Kevin Richards

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Of all the drummers and percussionists I have worked with, several with international reputations and highly regarded session musicians, none has pleased me as much as Bruce continues to. He sits behind the drums with a quiet self-confidence and a
faultless delivery.

Louis Turpin

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